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Gnaspini, Vanin & Godoy, 1998

Coarazuphium cessaima  was first discovered in 1991 by the research worker Pedro Gnaspini and is one of the eleven species of troglobitic beetles of the genus known in Brazil. Pedro Gnaspini is one of the pioneers in research on Brazilian cave fauna; he made important contributions to the field during the 1990’s and is responsible for the formation of other renowned specialists. Coarazuphium cessaima is one of the cave species to be found on the national list of species threatened by extinction. It is special because it has the most evident troglomorphic characteristics of the beetles in the family (Carabidae) in Brazil. The name “cessaima” comes from the indigenous Tupi language and means “blind”. The species was described in 1998 from specimens collected from the Lapa do Bode. Only recently (22 years afterwards), have new specimens been found in the Gruta do Poço Encantado, another cave in Itaetê, Bahia, approximately five kilometers from the original location. These are the only  two locations where the species is known to exist.


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